3rd Quarter Play-by-Play

  Cortland vs. Hartwick
  Date: 11/09/19  • Site: Oneonta,NY

3rd Quarter Play-by-Play
Cortland1-Gon Cortland35Start of 3rd quarter, clock 15:00, HARTWICK ball on HARTWICK35.
 Drive: 15 plays, 90 yards, TOP 1:43
Kevin Roberts kickoff 65 yards to the CORTLAND0, touchback.
Cortland1-10on Cortland25CORTLAND drive start at 15:00.
Cortland1-10on Cortland25Angelo Foster rush for 1 yard to the CORTLAND26 (Noah Socash).
Cortland2-9on Cortland26Zach Tripodi rush for 8 yards to the CORTLAND34 (Eli Greene).
Cortland3-1on Cortland34Zach Tripodi rush for 1 yard to the CORTLAND35, 1ST DOWN CORTLAND (Jarek Rudin;D. Williams-Bac).
Cortland1-10on Cortland35Brett Segala pass complete to Derek Cruz for 18 yards to the HARTWICK47, out-of-bounds, PENALTY CORTLAND holding (Angelo Foster) 1 yards to the CORTLAND34, NO PLAY.
Cortland1-11on Cortland34Brett Segala rush for 11 yards to the CORTLAND45, 1ST DOWN CORTLAND.
Cortland1-10on Cortland45Zach Tripodi rush for 1 yard to the CORTLAND46 (Jack Colbath).
Cortland2-9on Cortland46Zach Tripodi rush for 6 yards to the HARTWICK48 (Cameron Conrad).
Cortland3-3on Hartwick48Brett Segala pass complete to Angelo Foster for 48 yards to the HARTWICK0, 1ST DOWN CORTLAND, TOUCHDOWN, clock 11:40.
Nick Mongelli kick attempt good.
Hartwick 14, Cortland 10
 Drive: 7 plays, 75 yards, TOP 3:20
Nick Mongelli kickoff 58 yards to the HARTWICK7, J. Delmedico return 2 yards to the HARTWICK9.
Hartwick1-10on Hartwick09HARTWICK drive start at 11:40.
Hartwick1-10on Hartwick09Davien Kuinlan rush for 3 yards to the HARTWICK12 (Paul Imperiale).
Hartwick2-7on Hartwick12Davien Kuinlan rush for 1 yard to the HARTWICK13 (V. Pagliaroli).
Hartwick3-6on Hartwick13Grant Harman pass complete to Corey Sachs for 10 yards to the HARTWICK23, out-of-bounds, PENALTY HARTWICK holding (John Sapanaro) 7 yards to the HARTWICK6, NO PLAY.
Hartwick3-13on Hartwick06Grant Harman sacked for loss of 3 yards to the HARTWICK3 (Dylan Dubuque).
Hartwick4-16on Hartwick03TEAM rush for loss of 3 yards to the HARTWICK0, TEAM safety, clock 08:57.
Hartwick 14, Cortland 12
 Drive: 4 plays, minus 9 yards, TOP 2:48
Kevin Roberts kickoff 54 yards to the CORTLAND26, Cole Burgess return 18 yards to the CORTLAND44 (Cameron Conrad).
Cortland1-10on Cortland44CORTLAND drive start at 08:52.
Cortland1-10on Cortland44Zach Tripodi rush for 7 yards to the HARTWICK49 (Joe Harney).
Cortland2-3on Hartwick49Zach Tripodi rush for 7 yards to the HARTWICK42, 1ST DOWN CORTLAND (Eli Greene;Noah Socash).
Cortland1-10on Hartwick42Brett Segala rush for 7 yards to the HARTWICK35.
Cortland2-3on Hartwick35Zach Tripodi rush for 7 yards to the HARTWICK28, 1ST DOWN CORTLAND (D. Williams-Bac).
Cortland1-10on Hartwick28Zach Tripodi rush for loss of 1 yard to the HARTWICK29 (Jeremy Gerdvil).
Cortland2-11on Hartwick29Brett Segala pass incomplete to Jason Carlock.
Cortland3-11on Hartwick29Brett Segala pass incomplete to Derek Cruz.
Cortland4-11on Hartwick29Nick Mongelli field goal attempt from 46 GOOD, clock 06:08.
Cortland 15, Hartwick 14
 Drive: 8 plays, 27 yards, TOP 2:51
Nick Mongelli kickoff 57 yards to the HARTWICK8, J. Delmedico return 16 yards to the HARTWICK24 (James Luciano).
Hartwick1-10on Hartwick24HARTWICK drive start at 06:01.
Hartwick1-10on Hartwick24Davien Kuinlan rush for 1 yard to the HARTWICK25 (J.J. Pasqualone), PENALTY HARTWICK false start 5 yards to the HARTWICK19, NO PLAY.
Hartwick1-15on Hartwick19Grant Harman pass complete to Jack Steinman for 10 yards to the HARTWICK29 (Paul Imperiale).
Hartwick2-5on Hartwick29Corey Sachs rush for 12 yards to the HARTWICK41, 1ST DOWN HARTWICK (Marc A. Dalce).
Hartwick1-10on Hartwick41Davien Kuinlan rush for 31 yards to the CORTLAND28, 1ST DOWN HARTWICK (Dylan Dubuque).
Hartwick1-10on Cortland28Grant Harman rush for 2 yards to the CORTLAND26.
Hartwick2-8on Cortland26Davien Kuinlan rush for 19 yards to the CORTLAND7, 1ST DOWN HARTWICK (Paul Imperiale).
Hartwick1-Gon Cortland07Davien Kuinlan rush for no gain to the CORTLAND7 (Gregory Alfieri).
Hartwick2-Gon Cortland07Davien Kuinlan rush for loss of 1 yard to the CORTLAND8 (Devin Smith).
Hartwick3-Gon Cortland08Grant Harman pass complete to Corey Sachs for 8 yards to the CORTLAND0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 00:44.
Kevin Roberts kick attempt good.
Hartwick 21, Cortland 15
 Drive: 8 plays, 76 yards, TOP 5:23
Kevin Roberts kickoff 50 yards to the CORTLAND15, Cole Burgess return 21 yards to the CORTLAND36 (Cameron Conrad).
Cortland1-10on Cortland36CORTLAND drive start at 00:38.
Cortland1-10on Cortland36Zach Tripodi rush for 8 yards to the CORTLAND44 (Tommy Kurs).
Cortland2-2on Cortland44Zach Tripodi rush for 5 yards to the CORTLAND49, 1ST DOWN CORTLAND (Tommy Kurs).